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Membership Rules

Allowed in Rules Of Membership


Please try to arrive at the event on time and stay for the entire duration of the event without leaving midway and causing unnecessary disturbance for the performers and other attendees.


Please do not pass along or resale the tickets to any friend, family, relative or third party who are not registered members of as Allowed in.


Please do not share, post, or otherwise publicise the complimentary tickets obtained through Allowed in in any public forum, including but not limited to social media, print media, online news websites, blogs, discussion boards or review sites.


You may bring one or more guests of your choice to events which allow such guest entry. However, you must take care not to bring any underage children to an event unless the event is specifically categorised as suitable for children.


Please do not share any communication received from Allowed in, whether related or unrelated to any particular event, to any third party without our written authorisation.


Please do not share your account details with any third party or allow any event booking to be made by a non-member using a member account.


Please make sure to take note of any dress code specifically mentioned for the event and dress appropriately. Allowed in bears no liability if a member’s entry to an event is denied by the Event Organiser for reasons of non-observance of the specified dress code.


Please do not allow any third party to collect any event ticket on your behalf and must be physically present at the time of collection of ticket and subsequent entry to the event.


Please do not attempt to change your pre-allocated seating arrangement at the event by directly contacting and negotiating with the Event Organisers.


Please do not cancel your attendance at an event without sufficient reason and without prior notice. Service charge of Allowed in is non-refundable irrespective of the time or reason of cancellation.


Please do not attempt to directly contact the Event Organisers for any question or clarification regarding any event, and must direct all queries to Allowed in instead.


If you are found to be habitually cancelling your bookings or failing to attend booked events more than twice in a calendar month, your future invitations to similar complimentary event guest-lists may be significantly monitored and/or restricted.


Allowed in reserves all rights to accept, refuse, suspend, or cancel the membership of any member at any time with or without notice. Any infringement of these Membership Rules will be dealt with utmost seriousness and may result in temporary or permanent suspension of the relevant member at the sole discretion of Allowed in.